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Meeting Location and Time

  • Sunday 10:00 a.m.,       Delaware Arts Castle,190 W Winter Street, Delaware, Ohio   (Parking at rear)

DUUF Board President

  • Gwen Valore
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Minister (Part Time)

  • David Soliday
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  • David is available for Weddings and other services.


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  • PO Box 717, Delaware, OH 43015
  • 740-362-1860
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  • duuf.org

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Sunday, May 29

Please join us this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in the parlor of the Delaware Arts Castle, 190 W. Winter St.   David Soliday, our minister, will be introducing our guest speaker, Rev. Wendy Taylor, who'll be giving a talk, “Better Together.”

She will remind us of  the blessings of community and why love and kindness supersede "right", because love is always the right answer. How do we encourage community in a climate of division?

Wendy is ordained in the Disciples of Christ and has headed up the Delaware Project out of Camp Christian, east of town.

About Last Week

Daron Larson, who was our speaker last Sunday,   has provided us with a link to a TED talk he gave recently.  We plan to share it with you here.  He sends his thanks for the great conversation at the service.

Who We Are

We are the Delaware Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (DUUF) of Delaware, Ohio!

We are a small, mostly lay-led congregation, and we invite you to attend our Sunday services.  If you find the services meaningful, if you find spiritual contentment there, if you meet others with like interests, and if you prefer a fellowship instead of a larger church, you may be comfortable in our Fellowship.

UU General Assembly

Worship, witness, learn, and connect at this year’s annual General Assembly (GA) of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  The  Assembly of 2016 will take place June 22-26 in Columbus, just down the road a few miles from Delaware.  More information is available at  General Assembly 2016.

Our Upcoming Activities

Sunday,  June 5,  Service and Picnic at Delaware Dam.  Summer Meeting immediately following.

Sunday,  June 12,  Empire, Powers, & Principalities: A different take on corporate personhood--they may be fallen and/or redeemed, David Soliday

Sunday, June 19,  No service

Sunday, June 26,  GA Sunday in Columbus (No Service at the Arts Castle)

Sunday, July 3,  Field Trip to The Sanctuary of the Arts (No Service at the Arts Castle)