About the Fellowship

Meeting Location and Time

  • Delaware Arts Castle,190 W Winter Street, Delaware, Ohio
    Sunday 10:00 a.m.

DUUF Board Presidents

  • Karen McCulloch and Mary Nice
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Minister (Part Time)

  • David Soliday
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DUUF Contact Information

  • PO Box 717, Delaware, OH 43015
  • 740-362-1860
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  • duuf.org

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Sunday, December 21

Please join us at 10:00 am this Sunday.

Gwen Valore will lead a celebration of the Winter Solstice season in poetry and music.

We will meet  in the parlor of the Delaware Arts Castle, 190 W. Winter Street.

Sunday, December 14

On Sunday December 14, our minister David Soliday  presented a service titled “Days of Infamy.”

From disappointing grand jury decisions in Ferguson and Staten Island to police brutality in Cleveland and Cincinnati, there is a growing grassroots movement to demand justice. Our law enforcement officers who work the streets are commissioned by citizens like us--who pay their salaries through our taxes--to serve and protect. Instead, we're given cause for fear and suspicion, especially if our skin is dark or we're poor. It's heartbreaking that this is happening and has been happening for far too long. Let's let that groundswell of direct action wash over us and give us hope. Things must change, and they will. We can help.


Who We Are

Welcome to the Delaware Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (DUUF) of Delaware, Ohio!

We are a small, mostly lay-led congregation, and we invite you to attend our Sunday services.  If you find the services meaningful, if you find spiritual contentment there, if you meet others with like interests, and if you prefer a fellowship instead of a larger church, you may be comfortable in our Fellowship.

Upcoming DUUF Activities

Sunday, December 21,  Celebration of the Winter Solstice

Sunday, December 28,  Breakfast meeting, Willowbrook

Sunday, January 4,  Karen McCullogh, "Fire Communion"